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Description Clan Match Management System

The CMMS stands for Clan Match Management System. It is a Plugin designed by AACGC that allows clan owners to register their clan and compete with other clans all over the world. The CMMS allows the clan owners to challenge any clan to a match and keeps track of wins, losses, pending matches, past matches, and total matches, and members of each clan can apply and be listed in their clan's stats page. Clan owners have the ability to challenge, accept challenges, edit members, accept applications, report losses, and even transfer ownership of their clan. Automatic PM feature sends Private Messages to the clan owners when their clan has been added to the CMMS, challenged by a clan, challenge accepted by a clan, and when members apply to their clan. Multi game clans can have their clan listed in each game and have seperate stats for each game they are listed in. Comes with expanding dropdown sections for clan stat pages, CMMS FAQs, CMMS Main Menu, and other places, to save room, be more organized, and makes it easier to navigate. Admin can add any game they want with game icon. Admin can edit clans and matches.

Added Jan 15, 2010:
Option to manually add clan
Option to manually add users to clans
Option to manually create matches for past/future challenges
More game Icons added

V1.2 - Jan 18, 2010:
Shows total members and matches count for clans on menus and stats pages
reorganized main page and clan stats pages.

V1.3 Jan 30, 2011:
Many new features added including: Clan Standings Page, Clan List Page, XML Feature, and more
Fixed clan seperation issues with same clan owners in multiple clans (apps, matches, etc..)
Slightly alterd layout for clan stats pages.

NOTE - XML feature is optional and requires clan owners or admins to click refresh XML on clan stats pages when changes are made such as new members, matches, or details. This is used for allowing clans to show their CMMS stats remotely on their own website.

V1.4 Feb 4th, 2011:
Quick fix version - fixed emailer sending emails using wrong address and info when clan matches sent and accepted

Added April 01, 2011:
Language File - users can now translate to other languages
Fixed / changed layout and style on pages
Fixed security issues and exploits
Fixed clan standings list page issues
Fixed back buttons on multiple pages
Fixed non clan owners being able to send challenges
Added top matches list on clan standings page (seperated by offence and defence groups)
Fixed Clan Stats menu errors
Added navagation header and links to all pages
Admins can now edit clans on clan detail pages
BBcode support for game details, clan details, main header section, and main intro section (all font size options removed since BBcode added)
Fixed search errors

Added June 10th, 2012:
SQL 5.5 Support

Added June 30th, 2012:
New percentage calculations for clan statistics
New 3D Pie and Bar Graphs for clan statistics
Cleaned unused coding
Fixed Clan edit page.
Changed multi-game clan FAQs

Added October 12th, 2012:
New Divisions feature - Admins can add/edit divisions that clans can choose to join and challenge in. Checkboxes show for each division created on clan submit form and challenge form. Each division a clan is listed in shows on clan detail pages.

Fixed check for update section
Fixed clan pie graph not displaying correctly
Cleaned unused coding

Added October 26th, 2012:
Divisions ordered by ID
Cleaned unused coding
Stats menu text links to proper sections
Fixed XML stats button showing when XML disabled
Clan owners can now disable application for their clan
Clan owners can now disable challenges for their clan

Added February 19th, 2013 (v2.0 quick release):
Fixed clan submit form

Filesize 4.21 MB
Date Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 7:20:20
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Hello everyone,

First off, to all those that still come around and check out my site and what's going on I cannot express how much thanks I have for you to continue to use my work and visit my site! Thank You for your support!

Now down to business. I have been working on trying to update some of my plugins to work with e107v2 so that everyone can continue to use my designs as many have already been using v2 for some time. I know I have been out for a while and let my work become old and most of my plugins don't seem to work for them.

I have run into some major issues recently as I try to upgrade my plugins for e107v2. I now come to find out that PHP is also changing with a new PHP7 that many hosts are already using. This new PHP version is not backwards compatible and much of the coding must be changed to support this new PHP version.

This causes big issues for me in several ways:

  • PHP7 does not use the same code so much of the plugins must be rewritten
  • PHP7 code does not support PHP5 so is not backwards compatible
  • Much of e107v2 seems to already support PHP7 and so requires this upgrade to function properly
  • I still use PHP5 on my current host and so can not properly upgrade my plugins until I set my host to use PHP7 but..
  • My current websites AACGC and SS still uses e107v1 and PHP5, if I upgrade my PHP my websites will no longer work.

So now I am left with a big decision. If I am to properly update my plugins I must not only set my host to use the new PHP7 but I must also then upgrade all my own websites to e107v2 and all my own custom work within my sites to get them back up. After all that I will then be in a much better position to upgrade all my plugins.

So for the time being I am trying to figure out exactly what I am going to do, how I am going to do it, and most importantly when I am going to start this major project.

Thanks again for all your support and I hope things will start working out soon!


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