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AACGC BFBC2 Stats V2.1
Author M@CH!N3
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Description BFBC2 stats allows users to enter their BFBC2 username in their profile and have all their stats displayed on their own details page. Include badges that show in profiles and forum post if enabled. Displays member badges in a list on a page for all members to view as well as a scolling menu, badges include BFBC2 username, Rank image, Rank name, User level, User score, and link to member's very own BFBC2 Detail page, forum badges include Rank image, Rank name, and Link to Member's detail page.

Admin Options Include:
Option to show website usernames
Option to show platform icon (windows, xbox360, ps3)
Option to enable Gold Orb support (gold orbs must be installed)
Option to show website avatar
Avatar size adjustment
Option to show badge in forums (automatically shows badge in default profiles)
Menu height adjustment
Menu scrolling speed adjustments (start speed, mouseover speed, mouseout speed)

Member Detail Pages Include:
Rank Image (large)
User's website name and BFBC2 username
Rank Name
BFBC2 Level
K/D Ratio
Total Time Played

Complete Weapon Stats for All Weapons: (weapon name, kills, shots fired, shots hit, time used, headshots, stars earned)

Complete Vehicle Stats: (vehicle name, kills, road kills, distance, time, stars earned)

Kit Stats: (kills, deaths, score, K/D ratio) for all kits (assault, engineer, medic, recon)

Team Stats: (wins, losses, W/L ration) for both attacker and defender positions

Complete Insiginia Stats: (image, name, recieved (yes/no), goal)

Complete Pin Stats: (image, name, count)

Complete Achievement Stats: (image, name, goal)

I would like to thank for the API code to make this plugin! In order to decode and organize the API code from i had to use what they call json_decode to convert the returned data into an object and get what you guys see for all users. The json_decode function is only supported in PHP V5.2 and higher so make sure you guys check your PHP versions and update if your not using PHP V5.2 or higher before updating to V1.3 or it will not work!

Added May 5th, 2010:
Option to enable/disable sections in member details pages (weapon stats, vehicle stats, pins, achievements, insiginias, etc..)
Changed all badges and made the menu badges much smaller
Changed layout of main list page to show platform icons in badge
Added Platform icon to member details pages
Added Option to show badge in profiles
Added a readme text file as well as an admin instruction page for installing and setup

Added May 8th, 2010:
Global Stats Menu that shows total players, online players, and servers for PC, Xbox360, & PS3 with option to enable or disable each platform stats.
Rebuilt main member list page and menu to show in list form rather than badges, badges only used for forums and profiles.
New banners made for menus and detail pages
Added Option to limit number of players to search thru for a BFBC2 username to speed up loading, splits into multiple pages.
Removed/Organized coding to help loading times.

Added May 10th, 2010:
Option to enable expanding section for member details
Option to set location of expanding buttons
Changed view stats text link to imahe link to keep from splitting
All numbers now in proper format with commas
Fixed user stats menu width
Option to adjust details section heights
Fixed platform spaces showing when disabled
Automatically sets best default settings on install and update

Added May 12th, 2010:
New Menu Created - User BFBC2 Stats Menu - Shows users their general BFBC2 stats (username, rank, score, level, kills, deaths, K/D ratio, total time, and last updated date) each section can be disabled or enabled in the admin settings area.

Added October 10th, 2010:
Now includes general caching system that caches all files for faster loading. This does not cache the user data instead it caches the pages and files themselves and renews them every 12 hours. Note if users add names or pages are changed none will appear till after 12 hours.

Make sure you set the cache folder to writeable when uploading!

Added Dec14, 2010:
Removed cache feature due to server hangups and pages not loading
Fixed members per page option, now correctly shows number of users set in options

Added Jan 6th, 2011:
Now matches usernames entered before showing them, if users enter an invalid name in profiles it does not display them, this keeps from having blank spots for users who enter random or invalid names in their profiles.
Changed pin, achievement, and insignas section widths to 100% to match the weapons and vehicles sections.
Filesize 1020.58 kB
Date Sunday, February 20, 2011 - 11:07:01
Downloads 509
 8.5 - 10 votes 
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Hello everyone,

First off, to all those that still come around and check out my site and what's going on I cannot express how much thanks I have for you to continue to use my work and visit my site! Thank You for your support!

Now down to business. I have been working on trying to update some of my plugins to work with e107v2 so that everyone can continue to use my designs as many have already been using v2 for some time. I know I have been out for a while and let my work become old and most of my plugins don't seem to work for them.

I have run into some major issues recently as I try to upgrade my plugins for e107v2. I now come to find out that PHP is also changing with a new PHP7 that many hosts are already using. This new PHP version is not backwards compatible and much of the coding must be changed to support this new PHP version.

This causes big issues for me in several ways:

  • PHP7 does not use the same code so much of the plugins must be rewritten
  • PHP7 code does not support PHP5 so is not backwards compatible
  • Much of e107v2 seems to already support PHP7 and so requires this upgrade to function properly
  • I still use PHP5 on my current host and so can not properly upgrade my plugins until I set my host to use PHP7 but..
  • My current websites AACGC and SS still uses e107v1 and PHP5, if I upgrade my PHP my websites will no longer work.

So now I am left with a big decision. If I am to properly update my plugins I must not only set my host to use the new PHP7 but I must also then upgrade all my own websites to e107v2 and all my own custom work within my sites to get them back up. After all that I will then be in a much better position to upgrade all my plugins.

So for the time being I am trying to figure out exactly what I am going to do, how I am going to do it, and most importantly when I am going to start this major project.

Thanks again for all your support and I hope things will start working out soon!


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