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Description Meeting Planner plugin that allows you to create meetings in different categories for members to view and join. Keep track of members who attend each meeting and keep records of past meetings your community holds. Main page shows list of categories along with meeting lists for upcoming meetings with status, title, start time, and end time with links to meeting details pages. Automatically closes and archives meetings when start time is reached, also automatically creates new meetings if set to repeat when meetings are archived. Comes with one menu that shows list of upcoming open meetings as well as meeting plugin links (create, main, history, archives) and overall meeting stats (upcoming, closed, total). Each user has a history link on the menu and main page that shows a list of all meetings they attended.

Admin Options Include:
Create categories (title, details (BBcode enabled), order number)
Create meetings (title, details(BBcode enabled), subjects, start date, end date, userclass allowed to join, status, auto repeat (none, weekly, monthly), category)
Manually order categories
Edit categories
Edit meetings
Edit meeting members
Add meeting members
Set userclass who can add/edit meetings
Auto close option so members can't join meeting (x) hours before start time
Show status icons for meetings
Full date/time settings (date format, time offset, hours per week, hours per month)
Page and menu title options
Header option (BBcode enabled)
Intro option (BBcode enabled)

User Interface:
Users can join each meeting that is assigned to their userclass
Users can choose (yes, no, or maybe) if they can attend as well as leave a comment

Added March 22, 2011:
Total participant count on detail pages
Checks meeting time and status when visiting detail page to keep from allowing users to join when closed or passed
Fixed category list not showing on meeting edit page (non-admin page)
Menu list now links to detail pages
Reorganized pages/tables for better layout
Fixed users not able to join when set to all members
Main page now shows current time in selected format
Fixed uninstall issues
Minor security updates
Added meeting ID# and Date to dropdown list on admin add/edit member pages for easier selection
Minor language file edit/additions

Added March 29th, 2011:
Gold Orb support for usernames
Member edit list now ordered by meeting id
Edit button next to member names in meeting lists (admins only)
Fixed several security issues
Back button on missing pages
Edit button on main page next to meeting titles

Added May 17th, 2012:
SQL 5.5 support

Added May 22nd, 2012:
Added ability for members to edit their choice
Fixed quick links in admin area

Included some changes made by sarge88 in the modified v1.2:
Added e_notify.php file
(Allows admins to set if a user-group will be notified (by email) of a new or an edited event.)
Edited language file
(Replaced all “Meeting” with “Event” (for example “Join Meeting” will now be “Join Event”) (Added support for e_notify.php file)
Edited planner_stats_menu.php
(Now shows start date/time in the event menu block[under event title])
Disabled Date/Time entry in edit.php
(Did this because of the date/time resetting when editing event. To edit the date/time use the Admin Area.)

Updated Nov, 19th 2016:
Updated to work with v2
Fixed start / end date on create event page

Updated Nov, 20th 2016:
Fixed adding new meetings page outside of admin area.

Updated Nov 21st 2016:
Added sql file for v2 e107
Added plugin.xml data for plugin setting for v2

Updated Dec 31st, 2016:
Now works on PHP7

Updated Jan 4th, 2017:
Fixed bug in Archives for PHP7

Updated Jan 7th, 2017:
More bug fixes for PHP7

Updated Jan 8th, 2017:
Bug fix for date/time

Updated Jan 9th, 2017:
Bug Fixes for PHP 5/7

Planner Stats are currently disabled on menu until fixed
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Date Monday, January 09, 2017 - 8:13:02
Downloads 139
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Fivestar @ Dec 27, 3:56
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Just downloaded to try this plugin and I got this error:
Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_query() in /customers/f/b/a/xxx/httpd.www/e107_plugins/aacgc_mp/Planner.php:97 Stack trace: #0 {main} thrown in /customers/f/b/axxx/httpd.www/e107_plugins/aacgc_mp/Planner.php on line 97

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Hello everyone,

First off, to all those that still come around and check out my site and what's going on I cannot express how much thanks I have for you to continue to use my work and visit my site! Thank You for your support!

Now down to business. I have been working on trying to update some of my plugins to work with e107v2 so that everyone can continue to use my designs as many have already been using v2 for some time. I know I have been out for a while and let my work become old and most of my plugins don't seem to work for them.

I have run into some major issues recently as I try to upgrade my plugins for e107v2. I now come to find out that PHP is also changing with a new PHP7 that many hosts are already using. This new PHP version is not backwards compatible and much of the coding must be changed to support this new PHP version.

This causes big issues for me in several ways:

  • PHP7 does not use the same code so much of the plugins must be rewritten
  • PHP7 code does not support PHP5 so is not backwards compatible
  • Much of e107v2 seems to already support PHP7 and so requires this upgrade to function properly
  • I still use PHP5 on my current host and so can not properly upgrade my plugins until I set my host to use PHP7 but..
  • My current websites AACGC and SS still uses e107v1 and PHP5, if I upgrade my PHP my websites will no longer work.

So now I am left with a big decision. If I am to properly update my plugins I must not only set my host to use the new PHP7 but I must also then upgrade all my own websites to e107v2 and all my own custom work within my sites to get them back up. After all that I will then be in a much better position to upgrade all my plugins.

So for the time being I am trying to figure out exactly what I am going to do, how I am going to do it, and most importantly when I am going to start this major project.

Thanks again for all your support and I hope things will start working out soon!


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