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AACGC War Zone 2.7
Author M@CH!N3
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Description The AACGC War Zone plugin is an all-in-one clan system that includes: roster, member profiles, application, game list, teams, challenge form, match tracking, advanced statistics, and more... Statistics include wins, losses, draws, pending and total as well as a 3D pie graph, bar graph, and percentage caculations to display the results. Each game, team, member, and overall stats have their own 3D pie graph, bar graph, and percentage caculations. Roster shows members games they play, teams, position, location, and status. Includes detailed match information pages with ability to assign roster members to each match they participate in as well as option to allow members to auto join matches. Challenge form for other clans to challenge your clan to matches. Admins can create as many games needed that your clan plays with icon, teams for grouping members, and maps. Assign moderator userclass with privlage options to allow them to add / edit sections of your choice. Admins and Moderators have a smart control bar that shows at the top of all War Zone pages with buttons to add / edit each section. Moderators only see the buttons and pages that admins allow in privlage settings.

3D Graphs & Bar Graphs require GD 2.0.1 or later (2.0.28 or later is recommended) Can disable if not showing correctly.
Requires PHP v5.2 or higher

Profile statistics may not work if you have a custom theme with an altered user_template or if you use an alternate profiles plugin.
Forum statistis may not work if you have a custom theme with an altered forum_viewtopic_template.

Added April 21st, 2011 (1.0.2 beta):
Map sections for games (can upload new maps for each game as well as choose map for selected game on challenge form)
Maps show in game details and match details
Can now upload game images when adding games
Users listed on roster no longer have access to application
Users listed on roster no longer show in dropdown user lists
Added 3 more moderator userclass options
Roster now has 3 arrangement selection options for listing users by ID, games, and status
Control bar labels for easier viewing
Changed statistics layout
More opponent information (voice type/address, contact info, website, etc..)
Score sections on match results

Added May 4th, 2011:
Fixed "Show Controls" button showing multiple times for moderators and admins
Added "None" option to moderator class selections
Fixed blank image box showing on match details when no map selected
Changed game title links on match lists to go to match details rather than game details
Pie Graph image adjustments
Added game expanding section to war zone menu

New Team Feature Added:
Moderator class options added for adding / editing teams
Control bar buttons added for teams sections
Added option to allow members / teams to join matches
Added team expanding section to war zone menu
Option to restrict matches to team
Option to list users in multiple teams
Added "Order by Team" option to roster page
Added team expanding section to game detail pages
Teams have detail pages that show statistics including pie graph, games, members, and matches for each team

Added May 7th, 2011 (Quick Release Version):
- Page view privlage settings for: Challenge Form, Match Details, Game Details, Team Details, Members and Roster pages, can set to only allow members to view or everyone. (note: allowing guests to submit challenges increases the risk of spam)
- Fixed match detail page labels and layout issues
- Fixed PM messages not rendering links properly

Added May 9th, 2011 (Quick Release Version):
Fixed being able to add maps without choosing a game
Fixed accept application errors
Added image code verification input on challenge submit form (reduces spam)

Known Issues:
Firefox allows members to join matches multiple times
Team selection on Match edit and Challenge accept pages show more teams not listed in selected game

Added May 30th, 2012:
AACGC Warzone V1.1 Changes:

Bug Fixes:
Fixed 3D pie graphs not showing results when warzone menu is shown on warzone pages
Fixed several minor text, font, & display issues
Fixed PM links when challenges are recieved
Fixed dates not matching offset time in settings
Fixed team setting issue on adding, editing, and accepting matches
Fixed members joining matches multiple times
Fixed moderator settings not saving team privlages for moderator classes B, C, & D
Fixed games not being clickable on WarZone menu
Fixed match link on history list on member profile pages

3D pie graph and Statistics on main warzone page is now visable by default
Maps on game pages are now clickable and larger map image pops up above map list for better viewing
Redesigned Add Participants page to make it easier to add members to matches
Reorganized member profiles for better viewing
Minor language file changes
Split admin settings page into 3 seperate more organized pages:(main settings, moderators, page restrictions)

Added warzone plugin path setting to fix thumb image path issues
Added ability to choose secondary map on challenge form and add match pages
Added checkbox selection for maps on accept challenge and edit match pages in case more than 2 maps are played
Added order function to match history page, can order by game, date, opp, or team
Added colored results column to history page list
Added option to disable colored font on result columns incase text becomes unreadable in certain themes
Added game icon and name to member profile match list as well as colored results column
Added user position under username on WarZone menu
Added option to show pending matches on WarZone menu
Added option to allow BBCode in comments and set max characters allowed
Added control bar to warzone menu

New Features:
Page view count for matches, games, roster, members, history, matches, teams, and main warzone page
Comments on matches, warzone profiles, and games (if enabled)
Bar graphs for statistics - (main page, menu, teams, games, members)
Comparision Page to compare your stats, games, and match history to another members
User Menu - shows information, stats, matches, games, etc.. for online user if listed in roster.

Core/Extended profile integration options:(shows core information in warzone profiles amd menu if enabled)
User's Real Name
User Location (Requires predefined user extended location field activation)
User Birthday (Requires predefined user extended birthday field activation)
Last Visit
Date Joined
PM Button
Email Button
Profile Button
Total Chat Posts
Total Forum Posts
Total Comments Posted
Total Visits
User Signature

Added June 3rd, 2012:
Warzone V1.2 Changes:

Bug Fixes:
Fixed view application link in PMs
Fixed bar graph not showing in core profiles if enabled
Fixed pie and bar graph error reports
Fixed game order selection on history page

Added RSS Support for pending matches (requires rss plugin to be installed)
Added 3 custom questions for application (does not show in profiles, for admins only atm)
Added option to use rank image along with text postion
Added application and challenge form intro settings
Added options to show flashing icon for recieved challenges and applications on main page and menu
Added page selection and matches per page option on history page
Added scrolling layers to match list on profile, team, game, and compare pages
Added an index.php file to all folders to redirect to main page - (added security)

Organized Files - all graph script files moved to graph folder (can delete all graph php files outside graph folder once updated)
Changed date storage - now offset adjusts date after stored rather than before so rss times match(may effect previous match times)
Changed team detail page match history list layout
Reorganized admin settings page

Added August 14th, 2012:
3rd map selection on challenge and create match forms
Time zone input option for challenges and matches
Option to show xfire badges for online stats on roster and warzone profiles - only shows default badges only

Added September 3rd, 2012:
Profile page restriction option to allow profile to be hidden from guests while still allowing roster to be viewed
Email icon hidden in warzone profile if user has hide email option chosen in settings (admins will always see email icons)

Added September 30th, 2012:
Option to allow rating on games
Details section for games
Video section for games
Reorganized / Changed game page layout

Added October 1st, 2012:
Xfire Badge Skin Selection
*Xfire Default
New Warzone Showcase menu:
*Option to show challenge alert
*Option to show application alert
*Option to adjust game icon size
*Option to set stats visible by default

Added October 4th, 2012:
Redesigned profile layout for easier viewing
Fixed xfire badges showing when no xfire username entered
Fixed being able to see members & teams on menu when page privlages set to hidden
Fixed mini xfire badges not using selected skin
Fixed comments not showing when site stats disabled
Added order by name selection on roster
Added support for AACGC plugins (Steam Stats, Xbox Stats, PS3 Stats, Member Status) Auto detects if plugins installed and profile options enabled.

Added October 7th, 2012:
Auto detects plugin path for thumbnail images
Unknown flag shown for empty locations
Map selection on edit/accept match pages changed to dropdown lists
Map selection on challenge and add match forms only show after game selected
Added 7 more map selections (10 maps total now)
Added score input for each map selected
Option to set max number of map options on challenge form
Match detail page layout changed
Fixed members list showing on game detail pages when roster set to private
Fixed team/memberlist showing on game detail pages when team page set to private
Fixed members list showing on match detail pages when roster set to private
Fixed team selection on match edit page
Fixed match list on game detail page not using colored results column if enabled
Fixed forum stats area not expanding for correct users
Option to show pending matches on showcase menu
Option to show mini steam badge on roster
Shows all compatible AACGC plugins and detects installed plugins, shows list on side panel in admin area
Support for AACGC Server List plugin, matches server game name with warzone games
Removed excess/unused coding
Minor Changes to the Game detail pages
Changed challenge form - Only shows game selection, once game is selected form will refresh and show rest of form
Added ability to set userclass to recieve PM when challenge sent
Added userclass options to page restrictions
Added auto team and member PMs when challenge accepted and posted
Added "Help" button to control bar to bring up warzone wiki in new window

Added October 14th, 2012 (1.9):
New feature: Gametypes - admins can create different game types for each game, game types can be made for single or multiple games and dropdown selection shows on challenge form as well as match edit/create forms for the game chosen. Admins and Moderators that have map add/edit ability will be able to add/edit game types.

Match add page now shows like challenge form - must choose game first before rest of form shows.
Cleaned unused coding
Option to disable application and app link hidden from guests

Added October 17th, 2012 (2.0):
Fixed forms breaking page widths
Fixed page titles
Added option to show pending matches on user menu
Added option to show application/challenge alerts on user menu
Seperated menu and main page alert settings - can now disable alerts on man page/menu seperatly
Minor table style changes on pages and menus
Fixed team list not showing on menu
Added button images to links on menu
Resized logo to better fit most website themes
Combined location and status colums on roster
Combined game and team colums on roster
Removed horizontal white lines and border from bar graphs
Added view icon on match history page for easier viewing of match details
Combined team and match opp colums on match history list
Combined statistic lables and results to better work with new horizontal bars
Removed "order by" section on roster and made labels clickable for arrangment

New Feature:
Added horizontal statistics bars, all statistics (main, user, game, team, etc..) now include horizontal bars under calculations and percentage results.
Horizontal bars can not be disabled and do not require GD 2.0.1+ like pie and vertical graphs. Horizontal bars adjust width automatically depending on area
width they are in and results.

Added November 19th, 2012 (2.1):
Roster members can now edit certain information on their profiles (location, games, bio, app questions, etc..).
Member rank, teams, and other information is restricted to admins/moderators only.

Added December 10th, 2012 (2.2):
Changed "Status" indication on matches to be open/closed control for allowing members to join matches. If status set to closed users will no longer be able to join matches and if status set to open user can join if user join option enabled and user has class required.

Added December 11th, 2012 (2.3) quick release:
Fixed pending matches not showing when status set to closed for allowing members to join.

Added December 11th, 2012 (2.4) quick release:
Fixed pending match list show all completed matches instead of pending matches.

Added March 10th, 2013 (2.5) quick release:
Fixed edit profile display issues.

Added April 9th, 2013 (2.6):
Added option to disable statistics for each game (this allows you to list games your communtiy plays that are not competetive)
Added option to set default order of roster page (username, status, games, or teams)

IMPORTANT: this includes a database update, make sure you go to plugin manager and click "update" next to this plugin after you upload and replace the files.

Added April , 2013 (2.7):
Added AACGC Raptr plugin support
Added AACGC Awards plugin support
Added AACGC Twitch Stream plugin support
Added external link with label input to match details

IMPORTANT: this includes a database update, make sure you go to plugin manager and click "update" next to this plugin after you upload and replace the files.
Filesize 1.48 MB
Date Wednesday, April 24, 2013 - 5:52:55
Downloads 162
 9.8 - 120 votes 
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Hello everyone,

First off, to all those that still come around and check out my site and what's going on I cannot express how much thanks I have for you to continue to use my work and visit my site! Thank You for your support!

Now down to business. I have been working on trying to update some of my plugins to work with e107v2 so that everyone can continue to use my designs as many have already been using v2 for some time. I know I have been out for a while and let my work become old and most of my plugins don't seem to work for them.

I have run into some major issues recently as I try to upgrade my plugins for e107v2. I now come to find out that PHP is also changing with a new PHP7 that many hosts are already using. This new PHP version is not backwards compatible and much of the coding must be changed to support this new PHP version.

This causes big issues for me in several ways:

  • PHP7 does not use the same code so much of the plugins must be rewritten
  • PHP7 code does not support PHP5 so is not backwards compatible
  • Much of e107v2 seems to already support PHP7 and so requires this upgrade to function properly
  • I still use PHP5 on my current host and so can not properly upgrade my plugins until I set my host to use PHP7 but..
  • My current websites AACGC and SS still uses e107v1 and PHP5, if I upgrade my PHP my websites will no longer work.

So now I am left with a big decision. If I am to properly update my plugins I must not only set my host to use the new PHP7 but I must also then upgrade all my own websites to e107v2 and all my own custom work within my sites to get them back up. After all that I will then be in a much better position to upgrade all my plugins.

So for the time being I am trying to figure out exactly what I am going to do, how I am going to do it, and most importantly when I am going to start this major project.

Thanks again for all your support and I hope things will start working out soon!


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